Our Philippine Employees

Get to know the wonderful people from our factory

As an employee at timi's factory in the Philippines our workers get free food at the workplace, flexible work hours and covered transportation costs. We also help out with their children's school fees. But so who are the women working for us? Read below and get to know them better :)


“Senona is the mother of the group, the one you seek advice from”

50-year old Senona has worked for timi for 14 years. She has two children and her biggest dream is to see them fulfilling their dreams. She is the office-mom, the one the younger women seek advice from.

When the Philippine office has its annual Christmas party games, Senona is determined to win all the gift prizes :) Family and dancing zumba have a warm place in her heart.


“Catherine is the office’s source of laughter”

40-year old Catharine acts younger than her age. She’s the Philippine office comedian,

always making everyone laugh. She has 4 children and loves singing and dancing with her relatives.

Catherine has worked for timi for 13 years. She dreams of seeing her children finish their studies.


“Pamela is an amazing dancer and the group’s alpha.”

25-year old Pamela has worked for timi for 7 years. She loves music and dancing, with her moves being what lights up the Philippine office Christmas parties. She’s a natural leader – a true alpha.
Pamela has one child and dreams of having her own business.


“Sherly is an outstanding worker, gets the job done and with great quality”

35-year old Sherly has worked for timi for 12 years. She really stands out as a true model of cleanliness and order. She’s got the fastest hands in the factory and assembles her work with great quality. Sherly dreams of becoming a successful business owner so that she can help others.


“Michelle is very organised, making sure everything is working perfectly in the office”

Michelle is 44 years old and has soon worked 4 years for timi. She bikes to the factory and is known as one of the most organised and reliable staff members. Nothing will escape her hawk eyes.
She has 3 children and dreams of having her own house and seeing her kids get their college degree. Her husband works in the province so she really looks forward to the moments when they’re together.


“Thesamae is the office girl scout, anything you need, she’ll have it in her bag.”

Thesamae is 35 and has worked for timi for 12 years. She is very accommodating to her co-workers, always willing to help those who are in need. And in case you’re in need of a first aid kit or toothpaste, check with Thesamae - she’ll have it in her bag.


“Glaiza is the Philippine office fashionista, always the star of the show!”

Glaiza is 24 and has worked for timi for 5 years. She’s a multitasker with focus on quality control.
She loves to stand out and is known as the offices fashionista!
She grew up in Quezon City and dreams of having her own business one day.


“I love when me and my workmates go and eat streetfood before going home”

Joan is 21 and has worked for timi for 3 years. She’s the Philippine office’s powerwoman and she sure isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. If you need help with lifting a heavy box, Joan is the one to ask. Her favourite place in the Philippines is Boracay and she dreams of having her own family and business.


“I’m happy when my family is living well”

36-year old Cherry has worked for timi for 5 years.
She has two children and is known as the calm and quite one at the office. She comes from Barotac Nuevo in Iloilo, which is still her favourite place in the Philippines.


“Filomina is the office extrovert, jolly and outspoken, but also incredible dedicated to her work”

29-year old Filomina has worked for timi for 6 years. Her greatest wish is that her two children will be able to fulfil their dreams in the future.
Filomina is an incredibly dedicated worker, always willing to go the extra mile to complete her tasks. She’s known as the loud and outspoken one at the Philippine office – and a big fan of the company’s Christmas and summer parties.


“Mikee is a jack of all trades - not afraid to take on any unfamiliar tasks”

24-year old Mikee is the sister of a former employee and has worked for timi for 5 years.
She’s a super flexible worker, up for any task she’s given. Mikees dreams of providing her mom with a beautiful home, since she values her family above everything else.


“Analiza is a true mother - devoting her life to helping children in her community”

Analiza is 40 year old and has worked for timi for 3 years. She loves the flexible working hours at the factory because her life is very busy. She loves being earliest at the office and then teasing the late comers.

Analiza has 4 children of her own but has adopted many more from her community. With over 10 children at home she’s devoting her life to helping others. Her dream in to have her own business as a stable source of income.


“Yogel is one of a kind, especially since he’s the only man in the office!”

33-year old Yogel is timis production manager and has worked for us for 10 years. He’s a big fan of sports, ask him anything and he’ll sure know
something about it.
Yogel is a hard worker, he would rather do the task himself than give it to someone else. His favourite memory from the office is when the employees surprised him with cake on his birthday!